The Holy Grail of Treasure Hunting


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Just released – The Holy Grail of Treasure Hunting is the ultimate real world guide to finding gold and other lost and hidden treasure. The art and science of metal detecting is finally available to those who wish to pursue treasure hunting as a career more than a hobby. The techniques and methods in this book have forever been kept secret by a very small circle of those wanting to keep it to themselves for obvious reasons.

The Holy Grail of Treasure Hunting book is an all inclusive compilation of closely guarded secrets never before revealed until now! This is real world information for real world treasure hunters who want to discover for themselves the very real possibilities of finding riches and hidden wealth. No – This is not a joke. This book is the only one of its kind ever written. It is very real, Extremely informative and jam packed with treasure hunting secrets and proven techniques.

This is insider information from a real life treasure hunter, Jack Thompson, who has dedicated a lifetime to searching for and locating lost treasure. A culmination of research, personal experiences and hard earned lessons passed on giving you the benefit of 50 years of dedication and commitment to one of the most difficult occupations imaginable.

You will be amazed and astounded by what you are about to discover about treasure hunting. No one has ever been willing to pass on this extremely sensitive and valuable information. You are about to enter a realm that’s been kept in total darkness and secret from the rest of the world. These are the dark passages, back alleys and hidden underbellies of the real world treasure hunters.

This is a step by step start to finish “How To” guide of no nonsense treasure hunting techniques, strategies and procedures guaranteed to get you on the fast track to success. If you are a serious minded intrepid individual who would like to shake off the shackles of a conventional or traditional lifestyle and yearn for personal freedom, adventure and wealth – this book might be just your way out! You can become one of the more successful treasure hunters simply by following the prescribed methods in this unique and highly sought after publication.


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