Comparison reviews of the Nokta metal detector. Important facts to know.

In this review, I’ll be delving into the features, specifications, and user feedback regarding two products in the Nokta metal detector range.. While I haven’t personally owned the products, I’ve extensively researched them to provide you with valuable insights.

The two products being reviewed here in the Nokta metal detector range are the Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack ( see picture below ) and the Invenio Pro.

nokta metal detector

Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack


They are both excellent metal detectors with 3D imaging capabilities and multiple operating frequencies. The key difference lies in the included search coils and the price point. If you require the added flexibility of different search coils and are willing to invest in them, the Invenio Pro may be the better choice. However, for users seeking a more budget-friendly option with the core 3D imaging technology, the Invenio Standard Pack is still a powerful and capable choice.

Here are the details of this review.





I’ve scoured various reliable sources, including expert reviews, customer feedback, and product specifications, to gather a comprehensive understanding of the two products in the Nokta metal detector range. This approach allows me to present you with a well-rounded assessment of their performance and features.





Nokta metal detector product review

1. Overview: The Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System is a high-end metal detector designed for serious treasure hunters and archaeologists. It is equipped with advanced technology, including 3D imaging, which sets it apart from traditional metal detectors.

2. Standout feature: Its standout feature is its groundbreaking “Smart Pulse” technology. This 3D imaging technology allowed the detector to analyze the shape, depth, and composition of detected targets in real-time, providing valuable information to the user about what lies beneath the ground. This made it easier for metal detectorists to distinguish between different types of targets, such as coins, relics, or trash items, without the need for extensive digging.

3. Multiple VLF Frequencies:

  • The detector offers multiple VLF (Very Low Frequency) operating frequencies, including 5kHz, 14kHz, and 20kHz.
  • Users can select the appropriate frequency for their specific detecting needs and soil conditions.
  • Different frequencies are optimized for detecting various types of metals and target depths.

4. Waterproof DD Search Coil:

  • The included search coil is waterproof, allowing users to use the detector in wet and submerged conditions.
  • This feature enhances the detector’s versatility, making it suitable for various detecting environments, including beaches and shallow water.

5. Ergonomic Design:

  • The Makro Invenio is designed with user comfort in mind.
  • It features an adjustable armrest and a well-balanced design to reduce fatigue during extended detecting sessions.
  • The controls are user-friendly and easily accessible.

6. Target ID and Discrimination:

  • The metal detector provides target identification and discrimination features.
  • Users can analyze target data displayed on the screen and make informed decisions about which objects to dig for.
  • Discrimination settings help filter out common unwanted targets like iron or aluminum.

7. Large LCD Screen:

  • The detector is equipped with a large LCD screen that displays essential information.
  • Users can monitor depth, target type, battery status, and other important data at a glance.

8. Built-in Wireless Module:

  • The Invenio Standard Pack includes a built-in wireless module for seamless communication.
  • It allows for wireless headphone connectivity, enhancing the detecting experience by eliminating the need for wired headphones.

9. Rechargeable Battery:

  • The metal detector features a built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery for extended detecting sessions.
  • It ensures that you won’t have to constantly replace disposable batteries.

10. Software Updates:

  • The detector may receive software updates, which can enhance its performance and add new features over time.
  • These updates can help keep the detector up-to-date with the latest technology.

11. Easy Assembly and Portability: – The Invenio Standard Pack is designed for easy assembly and portability. – It can be disassembled and packed for convenient transport to different detecting locations.

12. User Manual and Training: – The product often includes a comprehensive user manual and may offer training resources to help users make the most of its advanced features.

13. Price: It may be considered relatively expensive, especially for beginners, due to the advanced 3D imaging technology. The current price on Amazon is $5015


Now, let’s compare the Invenio Standard Pack to the Nokta Invenio Pro Metal Detector with various search coils and VLF frequencies:

B. Nokta Invenio Pro Metal Detector with Various Search Coils and VLF Frequencies:

Nokta metal detector product review

1. Overview: The Nokta Invenio Pro Metal Detector with 22×19″, 15.5×14″, and 11×7″ DD Waterproof Search Coils is a high-end metal detecting system designed for serious treasure hunters and archaeologists. It offers a wide range of advanced features and customization options to help users locate and identify buried objects with precision. Here’s an overview of the key features and specifications of this product:

2. Standout feature: Similar to the Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System ( 3D imaging technology allowed the detector to analyze the shape, depth, and composition of detected targets in real-time, providing valuable information to the user about what lies beneath the ground ) However it offers additional features and enhancements over the standard Invenio model. ( See section C below )

3. 3D Imaging Technology: The Nokta Invenio Pro is equipped with advanced 3D imaging technology. This feature allows users to visualize the size, shape, and depth of detected targets in real-time. It provides a clear and detailed picture of what is buried beneath the ground, helping users distinguish between valuable items and common debris.

4. Multiple Search Coils: This metal detector comes with three different DD (Double-D) waterproof search coils: 22×19″, 15.5×14″, and 11×7″. The variety of included search coils allows users to customize their detector for specific target types, ground conditions, and depth ranges. This versatility is particularly useful for users who want to cover various detecting scenarios.

5. Multiple Operating Frequencies: The Nokta Invenio Pro offers three VLF (Very Low Frequency) operating frequencies: 5kHz, 14kHz, and 20kHz. These frequencies can be selected based on the type of targets you are searching for and the soil conditions in your detecting area. Different frequencies excel at detecting various metals and depths.

6. Target Identification and Discrimination: The metal detector provides advanced target identification and discrimination features. Users can analyze target data and choose which objects to dig for, minimizing the chances of wasting time on undesired targets like iron or aluminum.

7. User-Friendly Interface: The detector features an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface with a large, clear LCD screen. This screen displays important information, such as depth, target type, and battery status, making it simple for users to operate the detector effectively.

8. Ergonomic Design: The Nokta Invenio Pro is designed with user comfort in mind. It has an adjustable armrest, padded grip, and a balanced build to reduce fatigue during long detecting sessions.

9. Wireless Audio Headphones: The package includes wireless audio headphones for a convenient and wire-free detecting experience. These headphones provide clear audio feedback for target signals and can enhance the overall detecting experience.

10. Specifications:

  • Operating Frequencies: 5kHz, 14kHz, 20kHz
  • Waterproof: Yes (search coils)
  • Search Coil Sizes: 22×19″, 15.5×14″, 11×7″ (DD coils)
  • Weight: Varies depending on the coil used
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty included

 11. Price: The Invenio Pro typically comes at a higher price point due to the additional search coils included, which can be an important consideration for budget-conscious buyers. The current price on Amazon is $6715


The Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System and the Nokta Invenio Pro Metal Detector share a similar standout feature, which is their advanced 3D imaging capability. Both detectors are equipped with ground-breaking technology that allows users to create 3D images of the underground targets they detect.

Here’s a brief comparison:

  1. 3D Imaging Technology: Both detectors utilize 3D imaging technology to provide users with detailed information about the shape, size, and depth of detected targets. This feature allows detectorists to better understand what lies beneath the ground.

  2. Real-Time Analysis: Both detectors offer real-time analysis of targets, making it easier for users to distinguish between valuable items like coins or relics and less desirable objects such as trash.

  3. Smart Pulse Technology: Both detectors feature Nokta’s Smart Pulse technology, which is integral to their 3D imaging capabilities. This technology enables the detectors to provide a visual representation of the underground targets on a screen in real-time.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: Both models come with user-friendly interfaces and touchscreens that simplify the operation and interpretation of the 3D imaging results.

Main difference between the two products

The Nokta Invenio Pro Metal Detector is often considered a more advanced version, offering additional features and enhancements over the standard Invenio model. These enhancements may include improved target identification and discrimination capabilities, better sensitivity, and other performance-related improvements. The Pro version is typically designed for experienced detectorists who require a higher level of performance and sophistication.

It’s essential to check the latest product specifications and user reviews to get a more detailed and up-to-date comparison between these two detectors, as technology and product offerings can evolve over time.


By analyzing several customer reviews across different platforms, it’s clear that these products have generated both positive and negative responses. Many users have praised their standout features ( mentioned above ), which align with the products claims. On the other hand, some have mentioned the high product prices as being a matter of concern. You can find some of their comments on the links below:-

  1. Undercoil
  2. Detector Experts
  3. Wander Metal Detectors
  4. Carry All Canada


Both Nokta metal detector products offer advanced 3D imaging and multiple operating frequencies, making them suitable for experienced users and serious metal detectorists. The choice between them largely depends on your budget and specific needs. If you require the flexibility of multiple search coils and are willing to invest more, the Invenio Pro is a solid choice.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option with the core 3D imaging technology, the Invenio Standard Pack is still a powerful detector, albeit with fewer coil options. Beginners may find the Standard Pack’s simplicity more approachable, while advanced users might appreciate the Invenio Pro’s customization options.
If you are daunted with the prospect of paying a high price for such advanced technology in metal detectors you may wish to consider looking at less expensive but still high quality products such as the Garrett ATX metal detector which you can review at the link.
Final Thoughts:
Writing a review without owning the product emphasizes the importance of thorough research. While I haven’t had hands-on experience, I’ve strived to present you with an informed perspective to help you make an educated decision.









Valuable advice on the best locations to find gold in Western Australia using metal detectors

Some of the best locations to find gold can be found in Western Australia. Western Australia is known for its rich gold mining history, and there are several regions within the state where using metal detectors to find gold can be productive. However, it’s important to note that gold prospecting regulations and access to certain areas may vary, so be sure to obtain the necessary permits and follow local laws before conducting any prospecting activities.  

best locations to find gold

Gold prospecting using a metal detector around Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia can be quite rewarding, and there are several areas with a history of gold discoveries that may be suitable for this activity. Here are some of the best locations to consider for gold prospecting with a metal detector:


1.Golden Mile, Kalgoorlie-Boulder: This historic gold-bearing belt, including the famous Super Pit, has yielded significant quantities of gold over the years. While the Super Pit itself may not be accessible for metal detecting due to modern mining operations, there are still plenty of areas within Kalgoorlie-Boulder and its outskirts where you can prospect. Focus on the old mine dumps, tailings, and areas with a history of gold production.

2. Coolgardie: Coolgardie and its surrounding areas, such as Fly Flat and Siberia, were among the first to experience the Western Australian gold rush. Many small historic mines and gold-bearing patches are scattered throughout the region. You can explore the old diggings, dry creek beds, and gullies with a metal detector.

3. Laverton: Laverton and its vicinity have been productive gold mining areas for decades. The region has a mix of old and modern mining operations, so be sure to follow local regulations and obtain any necessary permissions. Look for areas with known gold occurrences and check with local prospecting clubs for advice.

4. Leonora: Like Laverton, Leonora has a rich gold mining history and offers opportunities for metal detecting around old mining sites, abandoned shafts, and dry washes. Joining a local prospecting club can provide valuable insights into the best locations.

5. Menangina: This area, not far from Leonora, has historical gold workings, making it a potential spot for metal detecting. Always obtain landowner permission and adhere to local prospecting regulations.

6. Ora Banda: Located west of Kalgoorlie, Ora Banda has a history of gold mining, and remnants of old mining activity may still be present. Be sure to obtain landowner consent before prospecting in this area.

7. Kambalda: While Kambalda is known for nickel mining, it has also produced gold. Check historical records and maps for known gold occurrences and try your luck with a metal detector in these areas.

8. Gwalia: Gwalia, near Leonora, was home to the historic Gwalia Mine, which produced substantial amounts of gold. Explore the area around the old mine site and nearby gullies for potential finds.


Always research the specific regulations and requirements for metal detecting and prospecting in these areas, as rules may vary depending on land ownership and environmental considerations. Joining a local prospecting club or seeking advice from experienced prospectors can be invaluable in identifying promising locations and ensuring you’re following all the necessary rules and safety guidelines. Additionally, be respectful of private property and the environment while prospecting.


1. Research and Permission:

Start by researching the specific regulations and requirements for gold prospecting in Western Australia. You may need to obtain a permit or permission from the relevant authorities.

Check if the land you plan to prospect on is private or Crown land, as different rules may apply.

2. Historical Goldfields:

Consider targeting areas with a known history of gold mining, as these locations are more likely to have gold deposits. Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the surrounding region are famous for their gold mining history.

3. Geological Knowledge:

Study the geological maps of the region to understand the rock formations and potential gold-bearing areas. Look for areas with quartz veins, ironstone, and other indicators of gold.

4. Metal Detector Selection:

Invest in a quality metal detector that is suitable for gold prospecting. Minelab is an Australian company known for producing detectors specifically designed for gold hunting.

5. Join a Prospecting Club:

Consider joining a local prospecting club or association. They often have experienced members who can offer guidance and access to private prospecting areas.

6. Online Resources:

Explore online forums, websites, and social media groups dedicated to gold prospecting in Western Australia. These can be valuable sources of information, including tips on promising locations.

7. Detecting Techniques:

Learn the proper metal detecting techniques for gold prospecting. This includes understanding ground balance, discrimination settings, and target ID features on your detector.

8. Safety and Preparation:

Be prepared for remote and challenging conditions. Bring plenty of water, appropriate clothing, navigation tools, and communication devices. Tell someone your plans and estimated return time.

9. Environmental Considerations:

Be mindful of the environment and local flora and fauna. Follow Leave No Trace principles and prospect responsibly.

10. Ask Locals:

When you arrive in the area, consider asking local residents or experienced prospectors for advice. They may be willing to share their knowledge about good prospecting spots.


Remember that gold prospecting can be a time-consuming and uncertain pursuit, and there are no guarantees of finding significant amounts of gold. However, with patience, persistence, and the right knowledge, you may uncover some hidden treasures in the Western Australian Goldfields. Always respect local laws and regulations and practice ethical prospecting.

Gold Metal Detectors for Sale. Here are 4 Popular Choices.

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