A useful how to guide on finding treasure with metal detectors

The enjoyable pastime of finding treasure with metal detectors is fast becoming one of the more popular hobbies these days. Not surprising really as one doesn’t need to have special skills or special physical ability in order to try out their metal detector and find buried treasure. In addition, buying a very good quality detector won’t break your bank and cost you a small fortune!.

Many people discover that apart from it being a pleasurable and rewarding experience, detecting hidden metallic objects metals is also an inexpensive hobby. However before you take the plunge and get started on your hobby of finding buried treasures you would be wise to follow these tips

5 thoughts on “A useful how to guide on finding treasure with metal detectors

  1. Thanks for the metal detecting tips. The good thing about metal detecting, besides the thrill of the hunt, is that you always have the chance of finding a $1000 ring or some old silver coins. I prefer relic hunting at old foundations and other locations. I like doing the research and then finding hidden locations that have never been searched.

    You can also sell relics on the internet, and actually do pretty well. I discuss that on my website, and in my book Almost Free Money. You can even sell metal junk as art supplies for surprisingly good money, and craftsmen also buy the old square head nails that you can find hundreds of at foundations. If you can find pre-WW2 “low-Alpha” lead, this is also highly sought after and is very valuable – even more valuable than silver.

    • Thank you Eric for those great comments and good luck with your future metal detecting trips.

      Best regards.


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