Product review of the popular Fisher Gold Bug Pro

2. Features and Specifications:

Best Features:

  1. High Sensitivity to Small Gold: One of the standout features of the Fisher Gold Bug Pro is its exceptional sensitivity to small gold nuggets. It operates at a relatively high frequency range, which makes it ideal for detecting tiny gold particles in mineralized ground.
  2. Variable Operating Frequency: The Gold Bug Pro offers multiple frequency options, allowing users to optimize their detector for specific ground conditions. This flexibility enhances its ability to target different sizes of gold and handle varying mineralization levels.
  3. Lightweight and Ergonomic Design: Weighing in at around 2.5 pounds, the Gold Bug Pro is quite lightweight, making it comfortable for extended use. Its ergonomic design, adjustable armrest, and S-shaped handle contribute to a pleasant detecting experience.
  4. Dual Search Modes: The Gold Bug Pro offers two search modes: All Metal and Discrimination. The All Metal mode provides maximum depth and sensitivity, while the Discrimination mode helps filter out unwanted targets. Note:- from reading some customer reviews it is apparent that the metal detector can also be great at discovering coins while in ‘all metal ‘mode and a discrimination setting of 70 while rejecting most trash metal.
  5. Visual and Audio Target Identification: The detector provides both visual and audio cues to help identify detected targets. This includes a large LCD screen that displays target identification and depth, as well as audio signals with adjustable tones for different target types.

Potential Worst Features:

  1. Limited Waterproofing: The Gold Bug Pro is not fully waterproof, which means it’s not suitable for underwater use beyond shallow water splashes. This limitation can be a drawback for prospectors who need a more water-resistant detector.
  2. No Ground Balance Adjustment: Unlike some higher-end models, the Gold Bug Pro lacks manual ground balance adjustment. While it does have an automatic ground balance feature, manual control can be preferred in certain challenging ground conditions.
  3. Advanced Settings Complexity: While the Gold Bug Pro is user-friendly for beginners, its range of settings and options might be a bit overwhelming for someone new to metal detecting. It could take some time to fully understand and utilize all the available features.
  4. Battery Life: The Gold Bug Pro requires two 9V batteries for operation. While this is common for many detectors, it’s worth noting that the battery life might be relatively shorter compared to detectors with built-in rechargeable batteries.
  5. Coil Size and Interchangeability: The standard coil size provided with the Gold Bug Pro at 5 inches might not cover as much ground as larger coils available for other models. Additionally, changing coils might not be as straightforward as in some other detectors.

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